Customized Knee Replacement

Patient-Specific Personalized Knee Replacement

Arthritic knees require customized reconstruction of the bone AND the soft tissues. The deformed joint must be rebuilt, rebalanced and stabilized without impairing normal motion and function. Customization is performed by the surgeon throughout the surgical procedure Successful surgery is an art founded on proven science.

We offer total knee systems that are best suited to each arthritic knee. The CONFORMIS and ATTUNE systems help to optimize the surgical outcome. Our focus is on giving patients a knee replacement that lasts 25 to 30 years with no pain and no limitations.

Personalized Position

Custom Shape & Fit

Optimized Results

Specialized And Superior Knee Replacement Options

Based in Portsmouth New Hampshire we are joint replacement doctors using the latest surgical techniques. We specialize in offering muscle-sparing and minimally invasive methods for Knee Arthroscopy, Partial Knee Replacement and Total Knee Replacement.

ATTUNE® Knee System

Greater range of motion and faster recovery.

Conformis® Knee Replacement

Precise Implant Sizing

Confirmis Knee Replacement

We use Conformis® knee replacement which is a truly custom made implant. The implant is designed to replicate a patient's normal anatomy.

Dr. Parsons has performed hundreds of partial and total knee replacements using this remarkable technology. Combined with our AVATAR rapid recovery program, this offers a pathway to an excellent long-term outcome.

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Partial Replacement

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Total Replacement

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Why we are a better knee replacement option:

  • Specialized to fit your knee
  • Faster Recovery
  • Streamlined Process
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Implant Process

A CT scan is obtained which includes detailed images through the knee, as well as images through the hip and ankle. This allows engineers to calculate the alignment of the lower extremity and how it has been affected by arthritis. The CT provides a 3-dimensional map of the patient’s knee along with the deformity and wear caused by the arthritis.

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From the CT scan, engineers create a surface map of the knee from which they can measure patient-specific relationships including the flexion axis of the knee, the distal offset, the posterior condylar offset and the J-curvie.

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Once the surface map has been generated, engineers can then design an implant that replicates not just the proper knee alignment, but a patient-specific shape. Each implant is specific to the patient’s anatomy and by replicating a patient’s unique shape, Conformis optimizes knee function and stability.

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Conformis then manufactures a patient specific implant using custom fabrication technology. In addition, customized jigs are 3-D printed which ensure proper placement of the implant to replicate the patient-specific anatomy. This are packaged in a box and delivered just prior to the patient’s surgical date. This is the most efficient delivery model in the industry requiring not additional inventory.

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Using minimizally-invasive, quad-sparing techniques, the implant is inserted according to the preoperative, patient-specific plan. Surgeons are provided an iView which details the operative plan and allows on-table customization depending on specifics of the deformity and the case.

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Using our customized AVATAR approach, we pursue a rapid recovery using immediate full range of motion and continuous motion with a CPM machine. The reliability of the Conformis system in replicated anatomy helps to ensure reproducible return of motion and function.

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