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  • Posted 10/20/2021

Iovera: State-Of-The-Art Pain Management For Total Knee Replacement

Perhaps one of the greatest advancements in total knee replacement surgery over the past decade has not been any technological breakthrough but better pain management after surgery allowing more rapid recovery and return to function. What patients want from their knee replacement is less pain, faster recovery and better function. All of these require robust pain control.

IOVERA represents a novel breakthrough in pain management for knee replacement that leverages a technique called cryoablation. A non-surgical procedure, IOVERA uses a freezing, needle-based technique with nitrous oxide to stun the sensory nerves around the knee and prevent them from sending pain signals back to the brain. It can be administered to patients in the days to weeks before total knee replacement and offer substantial pain relief throughout the immediate surgical and postoperative period when therapy is critical to outcomes. Successful treatment can lead to weeks to a few months of pain relief allowing easier recovery with less pain.

We now offer IOVERA as part of our AVATAR rapid recovery program. Our comprehensive pain management pathway also uses peripheral nerve blocks and long-acting local anesthetics along with a combination of oral agents. All of these together can reduce the requirement of narcotic pain medications as part of an opioid-sparing strategy.

When combined with less invasive surgical techniques, customized surgery, tailored, patient-specific care navigation and immediate full range of motion, IOVERA has the potential to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction after total knee replacement.

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